Slinger Aerator

Slinger Aerator
Slinger Aerator
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Product Description

Slinger Aerator

Prevents ice formation around boats, dock pilings, boat houses, fish and wildlife ponds. The unit uses a 7' heavy duty stainless steel plate pipe and yoke. Keeps a 30' x 80' or 40' x 80' diameter circle free of ice, depending on temperatures.

The Slinger Aerator carries the same great features as the Dock Mount Aerator with a few additional capabilities. Follansbee Boat Dock Systems Slinger Aerator

1. Can be suspended from the boat or dock by using ropes to sling it.
2. In tidal waters, the Slinger can be suspended from the boat.
3. Easy depth adjustment and 350 degree rotation.
4. 1/2 HP, 10 AMPS, 110 Volts Standard

Within nearly 30 years experience, Scott Aerator Company has developed an aerator design that provides ultimate efficiency, reliability and durability - even in extremely demanding applications. Aerators bring warmer water from the bottom to the surface in an agitated movement. This movement prevents ice from forming and keeping the water surface open during the winter season. Ideal for marinas year-round for keeping dock areas free of algae and other floating debris.