Lighthouse Power Pedestal Height: 44" Width: 13 3/4" Custom Built! Call for Pricing! Click Images to Enlarge!

Lighthouse Power Pedestal
Lighthouse Power Pedestal
Item# lipope

Product Description

The Lighthouse Power Pedestal, with its unique design, is practical, and attractive yet tough enough to stand up to the severe service requirements of marinas from Alaska to the Tropical Islands. UL tests these pedestals to the toughest standard ANSI/UL 231. The light assembly will provide a 360-degree light pattern.


-Lockable doors that fully close and is weatherproof when in use (A requirement of 410-57 of the National Electrical Code)

-Photocell controlled 13-watt fluorescent light that provides 360-degree lighting

-All wiring is fine stranded tin plated copper for flexibility and corrosion resistance

-1/4" thick tough housing, thicker than any other housing on the market

-Easy serviceability - in less than five minutes a breaker, receptacle, meter or light can be changed

-Now with copper bus bars and a 250-amp rating we can provide any combination of 20, 30, 50, or 100 amp receptacles up to the 250-amp rating

-All units can be electronically metered for direct or computer readout

-Hinged base and top allow the unit to be pre-wired, saving installation time over units that have separate bases

-Tested to the toughest standard ANSI/UL 231 by UL