Bongo 10 Northwood's

Bongo 10 Northwood's
Bongo 10 Northwood's
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Product Description

Bongo 10 Northwood's

The Bongo 10 Northwood's is a lightweight and portable water bounce platform that is perfect for taking along on your boat, car, or campers that ensures fun is available wherever you go. The Bongo is not to be confused with its water trampoline cousin, the Aqua Jump Eclipse. The Bongos do not have springs, the bounce surface connects directly to the inflatable tube.

The Bongo 10 Northwood's is the perfect choice for families who are looking for minimal set-up, portability and a great all around recreational swim platform. The Northwood's option is great for cabins or home that want their waterfront to blend into the natural habitat. The only difference between the traditional yellow and blue and the Northwood's option is the color.

The Bongo 10' Northwood's Features:
  • 34 sq. ft. bounce surface
  • 10' x 26" (305cm x 66cm) inflated
  • Commercial grade, reinforced construction
  • 1 adult or 2 children (500 lbs./227 Kg max weight)
  • 37 lbs. (17 Kg) product weight
  • 8-10 min. set-up
  • 8' (2.4 M) water depth required
  • 35-45 lbs. (16-20 Kg) recommended anchor weight*
  • 3 step ladder included
  • 10 alternating panels
  • Northwood's green and tan colors